We spend a lot of time at work. We’re constantly navigating many complex relationships and scenarios and more often than not, we exist in some kind of hierarchy. No wonder we worry about certain things like making a mistake, or saying the wrong thing in a meeting in front of our boss. Isn’t it sometimes easier to stay out of the spotlight, for fear of being exposed? But what if our fear, based on emotion and not rationality, is holding us back? This piece explores how fear could be a figment of our imagination…

“Fear is a powerful tool. It sends a signal to your body when danger is present and tells you when it’s time to run a way. But it can also cripple you from taking positive actions. Your mind sees the possibility of failure as a threat, and you immediately want to protect yourself by staying put and doing nothing.

Many people face this in their careers and professional lives. They fear that they’re not good enough to present that proposal, so they procrastinate. They don’t want to sound stupid in front of everyone, so they don’t say what they really think in meetings. Deep down inside, they might know that the potential upsides of taking actions outweigh the possible risks. But the fear takes over and paralyzes them from even doing anything in the first place.”

Read on to understand three situations where fear might be holding you back – the full article appears in FastCompany: https://www.fastcompany.com/90328818/how-emotional-fears-are-ruining-your-career



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