What Participants Have to Say About HardTalk™ Part 2

by HardTalk™ Team | Inspiration, Testimonial

With even more HardTalk™ sessions going on, we have even more feedback from our participants.  Just so you can find out exactly what HardTalk™ is like, we have a few more of their insights we wanted to share: 

What did you think of the session?

“it was informative and insightful, can’t wait to discover more!”

“the content was excellent”

“I will definitely be looking out for people’s filters now – it will make such a difference”

“It is a very important subject that so many people need”

“Reflecting and discussing real life examples was so helpful.”

“Realising how easily things can be misinterpreted was eye-opening.”

“I will definitely be embracing HardTalk in the future”

“No matter how difficult the conversation, I now realise just how important it is to have that HardTalk”

Would you recommend it?

“Absolutely! I wish the session had been even longer”

“Oh yes.  The workshop leader was excellent and transforming”

“Fabulous presenter, loved how you made the intangible concepts tangible!”

“Of course, I learnt so much in such a short space of time”

“Dawn’s presentation was very powerful, informative and relevant”

If you or your company thinks they could benefit from some HardTalk™ get in touch via email at letstalk@hardtalk.info or call us on +971 56 105 8825


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