HardTalk isn’t just reserved for the crisis-level conversations that have the potential to send a business into a tailspin. In fact it’s designed to mitigate this where at all possible. But of course people are messy and are the root of most cultural and organisational issues – and given culture is simply an amalgam of behaviours, sometimes we need to nip ‘bad’ behaviour in the bud before it turns into a bigger problem.

In our training, participants learn how to deal with pains, aches and emergencies…

The problem is that even the smallest, seemingly most inconsequential pains have the capacity to cause us unnecessary aches. Can you think of a time when a colleague has done something to annoy you? And then they’ve done something else and you find yourself irrationally irritated?

This piece in Fast Company offers up some advice on how to deal with the coworker who lacks self-awareness – the one who constantly interrupts, or isn’t pulling their weight. According to the article “Speaking up to a coworker who’s annoying or disruptive isn’t just a courageous act – it’s a risk in itself. It can either go over well or backfire on you, or – in the case of someone who’s not in tune with themselves – your feedback just doesn’t stick.”

Well, HardTalk is all about making it stick after all… we think this article is right on the mark: https://www.fastcompany.com/90256297/this-is-how-you-deal-with-that-coworker-who-drives-you-crazy


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