This is an open letter to the guy who wrote to me looking for a job this morning. I didn’t look at your CV, I didn’t respond and I will never try to help you. And that’s your fault. I want to help people. I go out of my way to do it. Even with strangers. But you? Nope. I’m determined to remain polite and respectful and I can’t do that if I waste my time on people who clearly don’t care about my time.

Look, I get it. You’re busy. Me too. I’m running a business and working with clients and procrastinating by doing yoga and swimming when I should be writing a book. Not to mention writing ranty articles on LinkedIn. We’ve all got stuff going on. So I’m sure that explains why you didn’t have the time to write me a personalised email when you asked me to consider your CV and thought it was ok to spam me and others.

Clearly you don’t have a job right now and yet you must be filling your time doing something useful because surely, otherwise, you’d find a few precious minutes to work out the name of the person to whom you are writing, unsolicited? You might even have been able to personalise your approach by, for example, talking about new things my company is up to or referencing an article I wrote? Or you might have realised that the role you are looking for is not one likely to be offered by a company like mine.

I am grateful at least that you took the trouble to BCC me and the other “undisclosed recipients” as in the past other “job seekers” didn’t and I was not thrilled to realise yet another way my data was unsafe.

Sadly I’m unable to help you in your job search. This is not simply because I don’t have any positions for an IT trainer (Project Manager/SEO expert/H&S executive – all emails I have received and responded to politely this week alone) but because I am not going to spend more time opening and reading your CV and responding to your email than you have done in writing your CV and spamming who knows how many people with it attached to a boring email!

If you want me to care about you then you have to show you care about me. It’s that simple. And if you don’t care that’s fine – but it will be reciprocated. And if you’ve spent even a minute complaining that employers/recruiters are rude then stop it now please!

Good luck to you and all those who are searching for a job – even those who don’t seem to deserve it sometimes!

PS I’m aware of the irony of wasting time complaining about somebody not showing respect for me by not showing respect for my time and so wasting even more time. However, in my defense, I am avoiding writing a book. 


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Dawn Metcalfe is an executive coach, facilitator, trainer and leadership advisor. She is also the author of Managing the Matrix (published in both English and Arabic) and HardTalk™. Dawn is the founder of Dubai based PDSi, which helps individuals and teams get even better at what they do, and has worked with business leaders around the world to change the way they see the world, their behaviour and their impact on others.


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