As 2018 draws to a close, we all no doubt find ourselves in a reflective state. And looking inwards, perhaps it’s time to think about the type of HardTalk we may need to have with ourselves?

That’s right… it’s not always about tackling those tough talks with our colleagues or friends or loved ones. Sometimes we need to step back, be honest and think about our actions. It never hurts to take stock and ask ourselves: What is our long-term objective and how will our behaviour help or hinder us reaching it?

Aby Sam Thomas, editor-in-chief of Entrepreneur Middle East and friend of HardTalk, recently asked himself this and penned an honest piece on just why he’s considering taking a real break from work… it’s not an easy conversation to have [Editor’s note: we are big believers in taking a break from burnout at Team HardTalk]

“I’ve noticed that, of late, whenever I’ve told people that work’s been keeping me busy all the time, they almost always reply with a quip that goes along the lines of: “That’s good; it’s better to be busy than doing nothing!”

“While there’s been a lot of chatter around burnout in the startup ecosystem, I’ve come to realise that it’s one thing to know about these problems, and it’s another thing altogether to actually do something to prevent or solve such issues. I must admit here that I’m guilty of this personally – despite the number of articles and advice I’ve read and heard about keeping oneself away from burnout (which includes everything from the importance of delegation, to simply saying no to assignments that overload you), I’m sorry to say that I’ve been finding myself completely drained and exhausted, almost consistently, over what I think has been an awfully long period of time….” 

Read Aby’s piece in Entrepreneur here:


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