We need to understand that we have to hold people accountable. When things go wrong it’s all to easy to bemoan it. It wasn’t our fault and it’s very annoying, right? But if we don’t take people to task and hold them accountable – in the right way – then maybe we are as much to blame when things go wrong.

In this video Dawn Metcalfe talks to the Womena team on all things HardTalk, her day job and why sweating the small stuff really matters.

Watch the video in full here: https://womena.com/womedia-interview-dawn-metcalfe-founder-of-pdsi-and-author-of-the-hardtalk-handbook/

Womena is a platform dedicated to encouraging gender diversity and inclusion in the MENA region entrepreneurship ecosystem. Founded in 2014, Womena has spent years building an award-winning Angel Investment group that facilitated over 3 million AED in funding into 10 companies.


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