Feedback is a huge part of HardTalk. Without it, it just won’t work. Giving and receiving feedback isn’t always easy, which is why so often it gets avoided. And even on the occasions where it’s discussed and acknowledged, we have to do more than simply pay lip service to it. It’s an important part of the wider accountability framework which is why HardTalk participants are really put through their paces. 

But the same goes for us at Team HardTalk too – if we didn’t walk the walk, we’d be doing something seriously wrong as trainers. This year we published The HardTalk Handbook, we launched our blended learning platform and we’re on-boarding facilitators all around the world. It’s involved a lot of learning. We’re lucky to have a tight knit community whose feedback along the way has meant that this has been an iterative process and will continue to be. 

And there’s a certain someone in our close community who most certainly is never afraid of a difficult conversation – question is, has he learned a thing or two since reading HardTalk? We received some rather telling feedback from none other than Dubai Name Shame himself and the man behind the moniker shares his thoughts with us here… 


I have always felt I possessed the experience, skills and personality to approach difficult situations both professionally and effectively. Well, that is what I thought and then I read HardTalk.

Interestingly enough I thought HardTalk was only about professional, corporate communication and situation management – how wrong! This book applies to virtually all aspects of personal and professional life and the situations most of us face daily.

I should also confess that I do not read many books. I have a very short span of attention, and I find some books do not offer a real workable model that you can easily adapt and use. Again, HardTalk has made understanding and implementing the model easy, even for someone like me!

Adapting HardTalk into my daily engagements has improved my levels of efficiency – things get done quicker because my messages and people’s understanding is clear and unquestionable. More so I feel better. I feel I have more control, more confidence in handling situations better and setting clear expectations.

Don’t get me wrong, I have read some good books over the years. But I’d count HardTalk as great book for giving me a model I can actually use. As country director for a global organisation [I know – I have a day job!] I have a ridiculously hectic schedule, back to back meetings, hundreds of emails, and decisions to make. HardTalk has given me a foundation and model to manage my workload, achieve results and guide others.

Throughout my working life I have used the same email signature that ends with a simple statement:

“Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.”

In many ways HardTalk brings out the ability in people to use wisdom combined with knowledge to make the perfect fruit salad.

Dubai Name Shame shares news, views and updates on life in the UAE and beyond. The blogger, speaker, panelist, country director and ex-police officer is known for his straight talking which has won him some fans – and foes – along the way. 


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