Since we officially launched HardTalk earlier this year, we’ve had the pleasure of presenting to and meeting hundreds of you and the one question that comes up time and time again is: “How can we complete the training?”

While we’ve been delivering the programme to corporates, we’ve not yet launched a public programme and this is something we aim to change in 2019. We’ve listened and we know you’re ready for HardTalk. At this stage, if you’d like to learn more about participating in the training next year we ask that you register your interest by leaving your details here

What does the training look like? 

HardTalk is a fully blended, customisable, certified, modular programme designed to help individuals and teams have difficult conversations more effectively. It’s this format which helps ensure it’s “sticky” so that you get real attitude and behavioural change.

Despite caring about making good, implementable decisions that improve organisational growth, many people still don’t speak up – in fact, 70 percent of people when faced with conflict choose to ignore it. Through the programme, participants discover why we’d rather ‘put up’ instead of ‘turn up’ and how our natural instinct to ‘speak louder’ is far less important than ‘listening hard’.

What will participants learn? And how?

There are four modules in HardTalk, with five face-to-face events lasting four hours each. Before, in between and after the last event, there is an online platform where participants RRAP i.e.

Reflect on what they’ve learned and what it means for them and those they work with
Review the knowledge
Apply the knowledge and skills in real life
Prepare for the next event

Why is the HardTalk programme split over 5 events and 6 phases?

Based on the latest research, we understand how adults learn and how to change behaviour which is, after all, the ultimate aim of any training. One thing we know is that we don’t learn much in an event or, if we do, we forget and return to the norm or status quo very rapidly.

Instead we need to learn:

Little and often
With lots of opportunities to practice and get feedback
Over time with the chance to reflect and embed one thing before moving onto the next
And then ensure we apply this to the ‘real world’ to see what changes are needed
If this sounds like something you want to be involved in, then sign up here and we’ll be in touch in the coming months with more information.

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