HardTalk™: A Testimonial from Sysmex Middle East

by HardTalk™ Team | Inspiration, Testimonial


No one can deny the vitality to acknowledge the needs of various elements during the transformation stages of any successful business journey’s lifetime.  Those stages are cyclical in nature and require a high level of prudency in management, drive and emotional intelligence to percieve potentials in surrounding environment, especially when considering internal fators such as staff and project needs, harmony and possible realization to unlock potentials and multiply the drive becomes a need!

And since any progress is governed by the capacity to harmonise all resources within, and to anticipate probable future internal and external enhancements, which can only be harvested via the healthy transparent and positive moral and drive among assets within, and assests we deal with, the idea of enrolling my growing and differentiating team members with HardTalk became a need, as I believe it is the master key to pave the way for all other skills we hear about on a day to day basis!

Once your teams have full confidence and transparency to say their minds, and to engage positively at full drive, then we see a step up in personal empowerment and proactive sense of responsibility to go beyond status quo into new stages of engagements and productivity!

Last week, we have done HardTalk with Dawn and I am very glad that we did so, not only because of HardTalk’s great scientific and mind-organizing methodology, but also because of its immediate resultant effect I could feel and sense on my team members’ transparent interactivities, let alone the high elevated level of professionalism demonstrated by Dawn by giving loads of enriching content full of heart-felt dedication, to benefit all and every single member of my team with immense knowledge!

I highly recommend HardTalk for any far-sighted manager who seeks to thrive his company by unlocking his staffs potential into completely new levels with immediate effect!”

Saad A. Kayali

Managing Director

Sysmex Middle East FZ LLC



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