Everybody fights.  Thanks to our (extremely beneficial) individuality, it’s inevitable. But it can be incredibly awkward in the workplace.  If a colleague throws you under the bus, or your boss calls you out in front of the office, or a client doesn’t react well to your hard work; these are just some of the situations that could cause a fight or, at the very least, stir up some resentment on your part.  Feeling emotions about our negative interactions with others is completely normal, but that doesn’t mean they are always useful to the situation.  If we are able to consider the emotions we feel more rationally, we might actually have a much greater chance of resolving conflict in a more productive and successful way.  Had an office fight lately, or feel one brewing?  Read this before you go any further.

You read the full article on Harvard Business Review here:   https://hbr.org/2017/12/should-you-share-your-feelings-during-a-work-fight?utm_campaign=hbr&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social


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