Imagine: You’ve carved out a successful corporate career, you’re a champion of pay parity and supporting women rise, and you have a beautiful family. And then, aged 38, it hits you full force – one of life’s biggest obstacles: cancer. Rana Nawas was recently diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and in this piece she charts her experiences in life after diagnosis. It’s hard to imagine going up against such a big obstacle – there’s no sugarcoating it, platitudes are worthless. But Rana’s hard talking account outlines how we can still find opportunity and optimism, even in the face of life’s biggest obstacles.

You read the full article at The Tempest here:

Rana Nawas is a published writer, corporate warrior and sought-after speaker on a mission to inspire women of all backgrounds to shine. Rana recently launched the When Women Win Podcast which brings to female professionals everywhere tools and strategies that boss ladies from all walks of life have used along their journey.


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