“Most of us have heard about unconscious bias, maybe even had training at work. But I think deep down we all kind of think it’s ‘everybody else’ who is the problem.

“I had this pivotal moment when I was approached by two team members asking me to have a look at their compensation. It was a few days later that I connected that I’d had very different reactions to the same request, while I was, ironically, doing some research on unconscious bias. Suddenly, seeing the word “provider” being associated with men, it hit me. Wow…I have a bias here.

“Particularly shocking to me was: I’d always thought that you could only have a bias against someone who was different than you. So it really struck me to discover to realize we can have a bias against exactly what we are. I am a woman leader and provider, yet simultaneously, I have a bias against women leaders and don’t see them as providers. It was even more humbling when you factor in that I work in human resources so… it’s my job to be unbiased.”

In this piece, esteemed Forbes writer Kathy Caprino sits down with Kristen to discuss how bias impacts our decisions and how we can check ourselves to avoid it. You can read it in full here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/kathycaprino/2016/09/24/an-international-hr-leader-publicly-and-bravely-admits-her-bias-against-women-leaders/#3585958eaa37 

Kristen Pressner is a global HR exec at Roche, a TEDx speaker and champion of the #FlipItToTestIt movement – check her TEDx speech here and join the #FlipItToTestIt movement with Kristen on Twitter and Instagram.


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