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HardTalk with Dawn Metcalfe

Dawn Metcalfe, Managing Director of PDSi and author of The HardTalk Handbook, found that while 90% of people face problems with their colleagues, 70% say they would avoid the awkward confrontation at all costs. With HardTalk, she’s helping people initiate the difficult conversations that will make a difference.

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Negotiate Your Salary Like a Pro

Last month the UAE announced a draft law which would make it illegal to pay a man more than a woman for the same job – with one of the narrowest pay gaps already in the world, it’s great news. But don’t just sit back, relax and take fair pay for granted. Women are as good as negotiating at men when they actually do it – but according to many studies, they’re less inclined to take the leap and try. Dawn Metcalfe recently wrote a tips piece for Ella to help you negotiate the salary you want, even if it doesn’t come naturally. Give it a try – the principles are the same whether you’re male or female.

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Bad behaviour is bad for business

Diversity is great. Today, everybody knows it. Study after study backs it up. Diverse workforces should be at the forefront of innovation, creativity, productivity and more. But diversity only takes us so far. If inclusion isn’t front and centre of the conversation, organisations are missing out on the full potential of their workforce.

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The Recap: Achieving Women Forum 2018

With a line-up of female leaders from the MENA business arena to share their expertise, the 2018 edition of Entrepreneur Middle East’s Achieving Women Forum brought together over 300 attendees to discuss and debate some of the key challenges and opportunities the region presents for female professional and entrepreneurs.

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Dawn Metcalfe is an executive coach, facilitator, trainer, leadership advisor, and author of two books, Managing the Matrix and The HardTalk™ Handbook and talks to Equity to share insight into what she does, why she does it and where she came from.

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Five things you should know about non-Muslim wills

Making a will is often a sensitive topic that people avoid. Dawn Metcalfe, Dubai-based trainer and coach working with DIFC Wills Service Centre tells you how to move forward with his list of the top five reasons why people avoid making such big decisions — such as writing a will. Here’s how to stop procrastinating, be confident in the conversation and move forward.

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Expert insight: Tackling tough conversations

Most people do not have difficult conversations because they do not enjoy them. Instead, they silence themselves until they cannot contain their feelings, at which point they speak up ineffectively. Executive coach and author of The HardTalk Handbook, Dawn Metcalfe, tells us how to have difficult conversations in an easier and more effective manner.

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